Student honored

Edumin Corrales, an 11th grade student at William H. Turner Technical Arts High School in Miami, Florida, was recognized recently for his presentation at the Miami-Dade County Science Fair entitled "Which Atlantic factors have caused hurricane seasonal patterns to change in the last 50 years?" Judged by members of the Greater Miami chapter of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Shirley Murillo, Bachir Annane, and Xuejin Zhang, Edumin's exhibit was found to be the best high school-level display dealing with the weather.

As a reward he was presented with a NOAA weather radio by AMS chapter treasurer, Rusty Pfost on April 15, 2009. He, his father Baltazar Corrales, and his physics teacher Rebeca Hernandez, were also given a tour of the National Weather Service Forecast Office (NWSFO) in Miami conducted by Severe Weather Warning Coordinator, Robert Molleda. The tour included not only the weather forecast office, but the Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch and Hurricane Specialist areas of the National Hurricane Center, and the radiosonde launch facility on the grounds of the office. Edumin found the tour 'awesome'. He has applied for a Miami-Dade County school board student internship and asked about serving it at NOAA facilities in the Miami area. He also sought advice on his exhibit for next year's fair from the meteorologists. His teacher, Ms. Hernandez, was impressed by the around-the-clock effort by the National Weather Service in keeping the public informed about the weather, and that it was a much more involved effort than what she had understood from television. They were also given several posters and handouts concerning NOAA and the weather to help them share their experience with other students.

The Greater Miami chapter of the AMS congratulates Edumin, his parents Baltazar and Digna Corrales, and his science teacher Rebeca Hernandez on this achievement. The chapter has sent judges to both the Miami-Dade and Broward county science fairs for many years to spark interest in the weather and encourage students to consider careers in meteorology. The chapter also wishes to thank the staff of the Miami NWSFO for their hospitality in hosting the award event and providing the tour.

Above (l. to r.) is judge Shirley Murillo, AMS chapter treasurer and NWSFO MIC Rusty Pfost, physics teacher Rebeca Hernandez, Edumin Corrales with his science fair medal and NOAA weather radio, and father Baltazar Corrales. (photo credit Rob Molleda)